Oleh Zahorodnii

Hi there!
I'm an experienced Unity Developer, especially in AR/MR/VR domains. Was working on both large scale solutions (virtual training and evaluation for construction safety and drivers, slots, casual games etc) and prototypes, PoC, MVP. I like to work on complex and interesting solutions, including optimization and architecture. I'm interested in new technologies and development approaches. Aimed at writing clean, readable, easily maintainable and efficient code.

• ARKit • HoloLens • Casual • iOS • Oculus Quest • Full Cycle • ARCore • Android • RPG • Prototypes • HTC Vive • Patterns • Vuforia • PoC • RealSense • Match 3 • Oculus Rift • MVP • GearVR • Hidden Objects • Zenject • DOTS • Meta 2 • Slots • SteamVR • MRTK • Shooter • Shaders • VRTK • UI

Unity Certified Expert: Programmer



Dec 2020 - Present (Contract)

AR games development, prototyping. Adaptive learning modules development and integration.

Ardent Blue Technologies

Jun 2020 - Nov 2020 (Contract)

VR training simulations for Oculus Quest. General gameplay implementation and custom backend integration.

Sigma Software

Oct 2017 - Apr 2020

AR, VR, MR, learning, casual games and apps development (full cycle, MVP, PoC, prototypes).

Volvo X Hack Sprint 2018 winner

Indie Legion

Jan 2017 - Oct 2017

Full cycle multiplatfrom mobile (Android, iOS, PC, OS X) game development.

Architecture and source code optimization. UI integration, implementing custom UI controls. Developing custom Android native plugins on Java. Firebase, Unity IAP and custom native plugins integration. Porting mobile game to PC and OS X for Steam.

VR game development for Samsung GearVR. Unity VR plugins integration and custom VR UI development. 3D lights baking and optimization, writing shaders.


Apr 2016 - Oct 2016

Multiplatform mobile (Android, iOS) game development. UI integration.
Match 3

CyberBionic Systematics

Sep 2015 - Oct 2016

Mobile Unity3D games and apps prototyping. C# and Unity3D courses trainer.

Alpha Team

Jul 2015 - Oct 2016

Multiplatform mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile) game development. AR and VR development. UI integration.


Unity Certified Expert: Programmer

March 2021

Credential URL: YourAcclaim

Shader Development (ShaderDev)

Jan 2021

Credential ID: cert_5wv9qjw9

Microsoft UWP - App Architecture and UX/UI (70-354)

Oct 2016

Credential ID: 13097157

Microsoft Certified Professional

Apr 2016

Credential ID: F657-8193

Microsoft Specialist

Apr 2016

Credential ID: F657-8195